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"Creating real, authentic brilliance - together!" Doné van Wyk

Passionate motivational speaker, coach, writer and facilitator. Following the road less travelled and blazing unexpected trails!

Family first!



Thank you for visiting my site! I am dreamer, a "let's catch the stars' -kind of woman, forever searching for the brilliance in myself and others.

I am a qualified pastor with a BTH in Theology majoring in counselling. In addition, I also have a diploma in Sport Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in Neuro Science Brain-Based Coaching and Mbraining. I am an accredited SAQA facilitator. 

If adventure and wanderlust is part of your landscape, we will be perfect partners!  I love Jesus Christ with all my heart - so I love others with all my heart. I am passionately curious about NeuroScience and how it aligns to the Bible, I use this revolutionary field to support and substantiate all my solutions and products. I am a run-of-the-mill mom, wife, sister,  daughter and friend - striving to do abnormally brilliant things!

How can we partner?


I'm a NeuroScience Brain-Based Coach, Motivational Speaker, counsellor and Soft-Skills Facilitator. I develop bespoke products to fit your organisation's unique needs. I offer them in the form of:

- short motivational sessions, small to large groups (1-2 hours).

- experiential, high-impact soak-up sessions (2-4 hours).

- one day workshops.

- neuroscience brain based coaching and councelling sessions.